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Octave Business School

OCTAVE's academic program consists of two tracks and is designed to transform a student into an employable manager or a successful entrepreneur. With a PGP* in Business Leadership from OCTAVE, you will be industry-ready with sound knowledge of application of management principles and entrepreneurship skills, strong leadership abilities and a confident individual with good communication skills with impressive personality and strong character. With PCP* in Entrepreneurship you will be able to start your business immediately after two years at OCTAVE.

By then you would have identified product idea, formed team, created full business plan and even started implementation under the guidance of experienced mentors. In addition an UGC recognized MBA** will enable you to pursue higher studies or take up public sector job. Each student completes a Dual program as follows :

  1. MBA (Marketing, Finance, HR, or IT). Includes 20+ University subjects
  2. PGP (Business Leadership or Entrepreneurship). Includes 20+ Octave’s industry modules

Ongoing Practical Experience - OBAG

OCTAVE Business Advisory Group (OBAG) run by OCTAVE Business School is first of its kind in India to be implemented by any business school. The genesis of the program is based on the real needs expressed by 100 HR managers about what they expect from fresh MBA graduates. The employers of MBA graduates have constantly complained about lack of practical knowledge among the graduates. OBAG is designed to meet the need of the industry. There are 3 stakeholders to make each project a success. Involvement of a senior manager or a director from the host company ensures that the project gets high visibility and priority inside the organization. Also, real value is in implementing the findings otherwise it would become yet another theoretical exercise. A mentor with industry experience is attached to the project. His job is to guide the team whenever they are stuck while promoting initiative taking among the team members. He also acts as a mediator between the student team and the host company director or the sponsor. Then the student teams, who are expected to be motivated, put in extra efforts and meet the objectives jointly set and accepted by all three stakeholders as above. Through OBAG, Octave is bringing next level of practical experience to MBA students while contributing significantly to local industries.

Detailed Structure of OBAG Program