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Octave Business School

OEP (OCTAVE Entrepreneurship Projects)

In the first semester, students form teams of 5 to 6 members with their choice of classmates to build a small business. OCTAVE provides initial capital and mentoring by those who have been entrepreneurs themselves. Teams work on projects of their choice under the guidance from mentors to gain practical experience of building a small business operation. So far under OEP, within a span of 3 months, almost all the teams generated revenues equal to or more than four times that of the capital provided, indeed an impressive return on capital in a record time.

More importantly, students gain valuable experience in understanding various stages of starting a company such as idea generation and qualification, prototype or test marketing, understanding flow of money from customer to company, connecting with potential customers, developing supplier relations, managing cash, creating marketing material and sales. Rarely MBA students reach this level of expertise and exposure within first 6 months at a business school.

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