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Octave Business School
Academic Plan

PGP in Business Leadership will include but not limited to the following modules under its two independent 11-month modules :

  1. Professional skills development
       ∗ Leadership skills
       ∗ Communication skills
       ∗ Time management
       ∗ Negotiation skills
       ∗ Problem solving
       ∗ Practical Creativity
       ∗ Decision making
       ∗ Memory improvement
       ∗ Stress management
       ∗ Information skills
  2. Excel, PowerPoint and other management tools
  3. Case studies by senior faculty and founders
  4. Lectures by global industry experts
  5. Live industry and entrepreneurship projects
  6. Summer internship for 2 months
  7. 1-week international industry immersion
  8. Special industry specific modules in Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR and IT
  9. Vertical sector familiarization modules (Banking & Finance, IT Services, Retail, Manufacturing, FMCG, Healthcare etc.)

Real world industry projects (1 per semester)

  • Team of 3-5 students
  • Guidance by mentors/founders
  • One project per semester
  • Interaction with owner or senior executive of local company
  • Saturday assigned for the project work

Special offering Entrepreneurship

Throughout the 2 years, members of Entrepreneurship Club will work on projects of their choice under the guidance from mentors to gain experience in following important stages of building a start-up.

  • Idea generation and qualification
  • Business plan
  • Prototype or test marketing
  • Seeking angel funding
  • Start a small scale business

For select projects OCTAVE management may assist the teams in form of financial assistance and mentorship so as to transform these projects in to commercial ventures.

MBA from UGC/DEC recognized University will include the following course work :

OCT 101   Management Process & Organizational Behavior
OCT 102   Human Resource Management
OCT 103   Financial & Management Accounting
OCT 104   Statistics for Management
OCT 105   Managerial Economics
OCT 106   Business Communication
OCT 201   Operations Research
OCT 202   Production & Operations Management
OCT 203   Human Resource Management
OCT 204   Marketing Management
OCT205   Financial Management
OCT 206   Project Management
OCT 207   Management Information System
OCT301   Legal Aspects of Business
OCT302   Research Methodology
OCT303   Specialization elective 1
OCT304   Specialization elective 2
OCT305   Specialization elective 3
OCT306   Specialization elective 4
OCT401   Strategic Management & Business Policy
OCT402   International Business Management
OCT403   Specialization elective 5
OCT404   Specialization elective 6
OCT405   Specialization elective 7
OCT406   Specialization elective 8
Specialization Group Marketing
OCT 501 Sales, Distribution & Supply Chain Management
OCT 502 Consumer Behaviour
OCT 503 Retail Marketing
OCT 504 Market Research
OCT 505 Project
OCT 506 Services Marketing & CRM
OCT 507 Advertising Management & Sales Promotion
OCT 508 e-Marketing
OCT 509 International Marketing
OCT 510 Project
  Specialization Group Finance
OCT 511 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
OCT 512 Mergers & Acquisitions
OCT 513 Taxation Management
OCT 514 Internal Audit and Control
OCT 515 Project
OCT 516 International Financial Management
OCT 517 Treasury Management
OCT 518 Merchant banking & Financial Services
OCT 519 Insurance & Risk Management
OCT 520 Project
Specialization Group Human Resource Management
OCT 531 Manpower Planning & Resourcing
OCT 532 Management & Organizational Development
OCT 533 Employee Relations Management
OCT 534 HR Audit
OCT 535 Project
OCT 536 Compensation Benefits
OCT 537 Performance Management & Appraisal
OCT 538 Talent Management & Employee Retention
OCT 539 Change Management
OCT 540 Project
  Specialization Group Information Systems
OCT 541 Software Engineering
OCT 542 Database Management Systems (DBMS)
OCT 543 Computer Networks
OCT 544 Business Intelligence & Tools
OCT 545 Project
OCT 547 E-Commerce
OCT 548 Technology Management
OCT 549 Java & Web Design
OCT 550 Project