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Octave Business School
  OCTAVE Business School has started with a singular focus on creating high achievers in the business world. OCTAVE students are trained to become commercially successful in the worlds of both the big corporation and the start-up. As seasoned business professionals, we know that a focus on outsmarting the competition is critical to success as there are always more applicants than jobs or large number of businesses chasing the same industry, except in unusual and temporary circumstances. All-round development is important, and even more important is the development of that extra edge in confidence, skills and know-how to be successful in challenging and dynamic Indian and global markets. At OCTAVE you will develop all 3 critical areas expected by employers from fresh management graduates viz. Attitude, Skills, and Domain/Subject knowledge.  
  Importance of Financial Success
Let us face it! If you are in the commercial world then financial success matters for yourself, your family and the people you want to help. So how do you become more successful in the business and corporate world while leveraging good character, impressive personality and good health?
  Unique opportunity for Generation Y (Those born after 1980)
First of all, in today’s business world, decades of experience are not a prerequisite for success. New developments such as businesses over the Internet, a collaborative work environment, a constantly changing landscape, new forms of competition, and the customer’s focus on results and value have created unprecedented opportunities for the young generation. We understand that today’s youth have a natural affinity for moral values, high motivation, team spirit, wisdom, flexibility, racial and gender equality, and an open environment devoid of hierarchy and egocentrism. At OCTAVE we have integrated these qualities in our potentially world class PGP program in Business Leadership so that each student enjoys and loves every day as an OCTAVian and will have reason to maintain and promote the OCTAVian Network for mutual success.
  Continuous success in your career or business
The best educated, as possessors of the right skills, knowledge, and aptitude, aided by a support network and some good luck conditions, can be immune even to an acute economic recession as they will be the first in line for jobs. There is, however, a clear step between landing a job and succeeding at it for the entire first year, and in turn another step between success for the first year and for the next 30 years thereafter. So, what is the critical factor that plays a role in your career from the day you start work, whether in an established corporation or in your own company? The answer is your ability to deliver directly or through your team every day, every week, every month and every year. An important and often overlooked reality is that what you deliver depends directly not just on whether you work hard, but whether you work smart.
  Hard work and Smart work
Interestingly, good health can help you make more money and achieve higher status. For example, what you can deliver in your role as a manager or business executive or a business owner depends on how long you can work and how smart you can work. Hard work, defined basically by how many hours you can work every day, is directly related to your physical health and hence depends on diet, exercise and rest. Smart work depends on your mental health, defined basically by how you handle stress and how you focus on applying your knowledge. Learning never stops for successful people.
  Good personality is a must
Remember that success in business demands respect for and adherence to the rules. Excellent business personalities exhibit a few key traits :
     • Communication
     • Confidence
     • Appearance
  Good character can bring you bigger success
In a highly competitive world, global business leaders and management realize that they all need good employees and leaders who are genuine, honest, and sincere. The character values which are most relevant in the business world are :
     • Integrity : Doing what you say
     • Honesty : Saying what you do
     • Sincerity : Attachment to the work you do
  Entrepreneurship angle for success
Traditionally entrepreneur as a term was referred only to those who start their own businesses. However because of competition within and outside companies, now success also depends on how innovative and risk-taking you are. You need to be noticed to move forward or be offered good opportunities. As they say, if you behave like an employee you will remain an employee. But if you behave like an entrepreneur, then you will lead the business. This is very obvious if you look around and see who progresses faster. OCTAVE’s team embodies this truth as we are professional business entrepreneurs.
  Invitation – join now
If you are an aspirant who is ready to commit to hard work and focus for commercial success then join the team. We have enviable backgrounds, are alumni of top brand business schools in India, and are accessible in an open, friendly manner to take you along the path of SUCCESS!